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2023 Review

As the curtain falls on another remarkable year, Hortons invites you to join us on a journey through our 2023 Review. In the midst of a persistent cost-of-living crisis, we’ve faced challenges like many other businesses. Yet, we’ve persevered, pushing our showroom to the forefront of innovation, illustrating how a new bathroom can elevate daily living.

Renovation Revelations

Renovations to one of our showroom bays

Let’s start our 2023 review by looking at the work we have made to the showroom. This year, our showroom underwent a transformative makeover, leaving us absolutely chuffed with the results. From captivating patterned floors to the timeless allure of fresh marble, and the introduction of new textures, we’ve not only revamped our displays but also embraced cutting-edge technology. Picture this: a shower controlled by Alexa, morning karaoke sessions with bathroom-synced music, or a late-night unwind with a television—our showroom now showcases it all.

Step into the Future with Our 3D Virtual World

To craft these exciting displays, we’ve invested time in honing our 3D virtual world skills. By embracing new techniques, we bring forth fresh ideas and refine existing designs effortlessly. As the world leans towards digital experiences, we’re proud to offer this service, seamlessly propelling our customers into 2024 and beyond.

Virtual world mock-up

Lighting Up Your Life

Lighting area in our showroom

Adding a new dimension to Hortons is our latest addition—the lighting area! Now, we’re thrilled to offer comprehensive whole-house lighting solutions. From the tranquility of bedrooms to the vibrancy of hallways, and the functionality of kitchens to the serenity of bathrooms, we’ve curated it all. Our investment in time and resources reflects our commitment to providing our clients with more choices and unparalleled quality. Lighting, with its ability to add a touch of ‘WOW’ factor at a relatively low cost, is a playground for creativity. We’ve even crafted LED signs for a striking entrance!

A Glimpse Into Prestige

Being shortlisted in three categories for the BKU awards was a momentous occasion for Hortons. Although we didn’t clinch the victory, being among the final five in the following categories was an honour in itself.

  • Best Bathroom Retailer for Customer Service
  • Omnichannel Bathroom Retailer of the Year
  • Independent Bathroom Retailer

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients for their unwavering support. Thank you for standing by us as a small business in Tamworth. Our appreciation also goes out to our dedicated staff and suppliers, the backbone of our business, who have worked tirelessly to maintain our strong local reputation.

Looking Ahead to 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023, we eagerly anticipate the adventures and innovations that 2024 will unfold. Join us in this exciting journey, and let’s create more memorable moments together!